About us

SRS was established in 1994 as a system supplier of special machines for industrial application. Over the years we have increasingly specialised in metalworking equipment such as heat treat furnaces, material handling units, industrial washing machines and rolling mill auxiliary devices.

With us you obtain your plant from one source:

  • consulting
  • project planning
  • designing
  • manufacturing
  • installation and commissioning
  • training
  • after sales service
  • electrical systems and control
  • automation engineering

Our working is focused on industrial system engineering for the application within metal-working industries. The tendencies within these industries are clearly positioned to product automation and increase of quality. Therefore we set on profoundly automated products. Our consequent development surrenders to ambitious manufacture concepts and is arranged to hard practical application. You would be informed by us about all technical scopes in detail . the analysis of your requirements stands at the focus, so that we could offer you a custom-made and economic system-solution.

We offer tailored solutions for individual problems with:

  • quality
  • reliability
  • low costs
  • competitiveness