rotary hearth with hardening press


technical data:

power:500 kg/h
furnace temperature:max. 950 °C
charge measures:500 x 500 x 150 mm
charge weight:max. 50 kg
cycle time:min. 3 min

furnace upload at two floors

pusher-type gas carburizing plant

Anlage 3D

technical data:

power:1.500 kg/h
furnace temperature:max. 980 °C
charge measures:650 x 650 x 650 mm
charge weight:max. 380 kg
cycle time:12 – 70 min
carburization power:with 0,2 mm → 1.500 kg/h
with 0,8 mm → 700 kg/h
with 1,2 mm → 350 kg/h

reeler hearth furnace


technical data:

power:100 kg/h
max. furnace temperature:930 °C
charge weight:5 kg
numbers of baskets at furnace:12 pieces