Casting plate belt furnace

Oven temperaturesmax 960 °C
Heating capacity1.100 kg/h
max. belt load152 kg/m²
Part weight2 - 2.500 g
Throughput width annealing furnace1.200 mm
Throughput width tempering furnace1.400 mm
HeatingNatural gas recuperative burner in the radiant tube
Oven atmosphereEndogas / Nitrogen

The cast link conveyor is overlapped and manufactured in 1.4849. The furnace is equipped with lightweight refractory brick and ceramic fiber insulation and has space for 2 atmosphere circulation units.

  • N2 safety gassing
  • 3 inlet photocells to control the loading height (CQI-9)
  • Reversing – synchronous drive system with torque control

Chamber furnace with protective gas generator

Oven temperaturesmax. 750 °C
Heating capacity1.100 kg/h
Batch weight2.000 kg
Batch size2.000 x 2.000 x 2.000 mm (L x B x H)
Heatingdirect electric heating
Furnace atmospherevia exogas generator
CO = 1 - 5 %
H² = 1 - 5 %
O² = max. 5ppm
N² = remainder

The furnace system consists of a gas-tight chamber furnace and an exogas generator. The furnace has an air-to-air tube cooler. The furnace door is opened laterally by an electric motor and can be pressed on pneumatically to make it gas-tight.