Forging industry

Rotary hearth furnace for forging industry

Oven temperatures1.250 °C
Heating capacity8.000 kg/h
max. oven load70.000 kg
HeatingDirect natural gas recuperative burner
Oven atmosphereFlue gas

In principle, the rotary hearth furnace consists of a fixed housing with two doors and a rotary ring hearth. The base for the ring hearth is embedded in the hall foundation.

Heating is provided by natural gas burners. The exhaust gas is drawn through recuperators integrated in the burner to preheat the combustion air. An exhaust gas fan draws the flue gas into a duct system and discharges it to the outside via on-site piping. A separating weir is installed between the loading and unloading doors. It thermally separates the heating area from the holding area. In case of repair, the separating weir can be removed upwards. To increase the service life of the refractory concrete, the separating weir is equipped with an air cooling system. It is protected against mechanical damage by light barriers.

Sealing between the rotating ring hearth and the stationary housing is provided by an inner and an outer water cup. Immersion swords project into the water cups and are attached to the ring hearth and the housing respectively.

The furnace superstructure and the area in the center of the housing can be reached safely via ladders and catwalks.

Roller hearth furnace for forging industry

Oven temperaturesmax 920 °C (annealing)
max 600 °C (ageing)
Heating capacity6,000 kg/h
Batch weightmax. 350 kg
Throughput width HTO1,200 mm
Throughput width NTO2,400 mm
HeatingDirect natural gas recuperative burner

The plant is used for quenching and tempering of steel plates at a working temperature HTO of 870°C to max. 920°C, quenching with water and subsequent stress-relieving annealing at a working temperature NTO of 250°C to max. 500°C.

The parts pass through the furnace system in a charge length of max. 1600 mm and a weight of max. 350 kg. They pass through the following plant components:

  • Loading
  • Austenitizing furnace
  • Water quenching bath
  • Cross transfer car
  • Tempering furnace
  • Aftercooling station
  • Unloading