Chain furnaces

Tempering furnace for stabilizers

Oven temperatures200 - 400 °C
Heating capacity1.000 kg/h
Part weight5 kg
Passage width1.700 mm
HeatingDirect cold air gas burner with infinitely variable output control

The track width of the two-strand chain conveyor is variably adjustable between 450-750mm and is driven by a servo motor. Thus, different stabilizer types can be driven through the plant.

The furnace is equipped with 3 heating zones, each of which is equipped with 2 adjustable cold air gas burners and a hot gas circulator.

The cooling module can be structurally separated from the furnace or directly integrated into the furnace transport system.

Tempering furnace for axle springs

Oven temperatures350 - 450 °C
Heating capacity4.800 kg/h
Part weight5 kg
Passage width1.350 mm
HeatingDirect cold air gas burner with infinitely variable output control or electric heating

The parts run through the oven in multiple strands. The drive cycles through the 4 heating zones, each of which is equipped with a hot gas circulator.

Loading & unloading can be done by robots as well as by manual loading.

Tempering furnace for profiles and pipes

Oven temperatures500 °C
Heating capacity1.000 kg/h
Part weight3 kg
Passage width2.200 mm
HeatingDirect electric heating

The round or profiled tubes are provided by the magazine. The tubes travel via the conveyor belt onto a roller conveyor. On their way into the furnace, the tubes are measured by a light barrier and positioned in the center of the furnace.

Controlled by a cam disk, the pipe is pushed onto the conveyor chain by a pneumatic pusher.

Complete kiln line including loading and unloading, as well as cooling station.

Chain furnace for hot forming

Oven temperatures400 - 600 °C
Heating capacity600 kg/h
Part weightvariable
Passage width400 x 800 x 200 mm (L x W x H)
HeatingDirect electric heating

Charged furnace grates or baskets are fed into or discharged from the furnace via pneumatic transfer cars. By means of corresponding loading recipes, a wide variety of batches can be parameterized for loading and unloading.

Conveyor chain furnace for warming up

Oven temperatures280 °C
Heating capacity600 kg/h
Batch weightvariable
Throughput dimensions (width x height)1.300 x 160 mm
HeatingDirect electric heating

The carriages are transported through the oven via two steel conveyor chains. Incremental encoders at the chain deflections allow the transfer positions of the carriages to be transferred to robots or gantry grippers with millimeter accuracy, irrespective of temperature and aging-related chain elongation.