Roller Hearth Furnaces

Roller hearth furnace for aluminium foam sandwich panels

Temperaturesmax 650 °C
Batch weightmax 1.000 kg
Batch dimensions3.200 x 1.700 x 420 mm (L x W x H)
HeatingDirect electric heating

The continuous furnace has two heating chambers, each with 2 heating zones. Each heating zone is equipped with an 11 kW high-convection circulator and four electric heating controls.

In the heating zone, the goods are heated to a working temperature of 550 – 650°C and kept at this temperature in the holding zone.

The heating zone is separated from the holding zone by an intermediate door (single chamber operation). However, the system can also operate in single-chamber mode with the intermediate door open.

Roller hearth furnace for aluminium parts

Oven temperaturesSolution annealing max. 560 °C
Heating capacityAgeing max. 300 °C"
Batch weight6,000 kg/h
Batch sizemax. 2,000 kg
Heating1,000 x 2,000 x 2,000 mm (L x W x H)

The roller hearth furnaces are components of a fully automated heat treatment plant for aluminum parts. The modular roller hearth plant can be individually adapted to the required heat treatment specification. The plant can also be set up in line or in a U-shape. A subsequent extension or increase in capacity can be achieved by branching or adding modules.

Batch tracking in combination with heat treatment recipe management allows different components to be treated simultaneously in the furnace system.

Roller hearth furnace for bainitizing

Oven temperaturesmax. 930 °C (austenitizing furnace)
Throughput capacityup to 600 kg/h
Batch weight50 kg bulk material in annealing baskets
Batch size750 x 750 x 150 mm
HeatingNatural gas recuperative burner in radiant tube
C-level0,1 - 0,8
AtmosphereNitrogen / methanol
Quenching & removal from storagemax. 400 °C under salt
HeatingElectric heater

The austenitizing furnace is part of a fully automated heat treatment plant with upstream & downstream processes, such as loading & unloading, pre & salt washing, and drying and weighing. The furnace is equipped with an inlet lock and is directly connected to the salt quench bath.

Roller hearth furnace for forging industry

Oven temperaturesmax 920 °C (annealing)
max 600 °C (ageing)
Heating capacity6,000 kg/h
Batch weightmax. 350 kg
Throughput width HTO1,200 mm
Throughput width NTO2,400 mm
HeatingDirect natural gas recuperative burner

The plant is used for quenching and tempering of steel plates at a working temperature HTO of 870°C to max. 920°C, quenching with water and subsequent stress-relieving annealing at a working temperature NTO of 250°C to max. 500°C.


The parts pass through the furnace system in a charge length of max. 1600 mm and a weight of max. 350 kg. They pass through the following plant components:


Austenitizing furnace
Water quenching bath
Cross transfer car
Tempering furnace
Aftercooling station

Curing furnace for wire enamels

Oven temperaturesmax 175 °C
Heating capacityapprox. 3,000 kg/h
Batch weightapprox. 450 kg
Batch size1,400 x 700 x 420 mm (L x W x H)
Heatingdirect electric heating

High-convection ovens for preheating, gelling and final curing of thermosetting insulating resins enable the achievement of high insulation strength as well as crack and thermal shock resistance by applying product-specific process parameters.

Precise temperature control during the entire treatment time. Fully integrated process and product monitoring systems supported archiving of component and process related parameters and data. Redundant and software-supported temperature measurement systems continuously control and monitor the heat treatment process.

Heat recovery functions are an elementary component of the energy concept.

The low-maintenance and reliable process technology guarantees high plant availability.

Process-related solvent concentrations in the furnace atmosphere are specifically kept below permissible limits, safely treated and discharged.

Roller hearth furnace with vacuum lock

Oven temperaturesmax. 550 °C
Heating capacity1.200 kg/h
Batch weightmax. 650 kg
Batch dimension930 x 850 x 850 mm (L x W x H)
HeatingIndirect electric heating
Furnace atmosphereNitrogen

The gas-tight roller hearth furnace is used for heat treatment in a protective gas atmosphere (nitrogen) up to a temperature of 550°C.

The vacuum locks are pumped out to 0.1 mbar via a central vacuum pumping station and then flooded with nitrogen.

The roller hearth furnace is electrically heated and divided into 3 heating zones.

In the cooling station, the annealing material is cooled under inert gas to prevent oxidation.