Conveyor belt furnace for bainitizing springs

Oven temperatures950 °C
Heating capacity100 kg/h
Part weight4 kg
Throughput dimensions (width x height)500 x 60 mm
HeatingIndirect electric heating
Oven atmosphereNitrogen / methanol

The furnace is divided into three heating zones with 6 heaters each, as well as a methanol splitter with 3 heaters located at the outlet drop shaft. A hot gas circulator circulates the protective gas atmosphere.

The conveyor runs over running and deflecting rollers as well as a tensioning device with guide rollers at the kiln inlet.

A height-adjustable bulkhead plate, as well as a flame curtain, is provided for the furnace inlet. Depending on the workpiece height, the furnace inlet can thus be adjusted to prevent heat loss.

The furnace outlet is formed by a drop chute. The workpieces fall through this chute from the conveyor directly into the salt bath below.

The furnace walls and floor are insulated with lightweight refractory brick, the dropout shaft with refractory brick, and the ceiling with ceramic fiber.

Roller hearth furnace for bainitizing

Oven temperaturesmax. 930 °C (austenitizing furnace)
Throughput capacityup to 600 kg/h
Batch weight50 kg bulk material in annealing baskets
Batch size750 x 750 x 150 mm
HeatingNatural gas recuperative burner in radiant tube
C-level0,1 - 0,8
AtmosphereNitrogen / methanol
Quenching & removal from storagemax. 400 °C under salt
HeatingElectric heater

The austenitizing furnace is part of a fully automated heat treatment plant with upstream & downstream processes, such as loading & unloading, pre & salt washing, and drying and weighing. The furnace is equipped with an inlet lock and is directly connected to the salt quench bath.