Fixture hardening

Rotary hearth furnace with hardening press

Oven temperaturesmax 950 °C
Heating capacity500 kg/h
Batch weightmax. 50 kg
Batch dimension500 x 500 x 150 mm (L x W x H)
HeatingNatural gas recuperator burner in the radiant tube
Furnace atmosphereEndogas / nitrogen

The rotary furnace is loaded or unloaded through a portal on two levels. The components are transferred to the hardening press. Directly afterwards, the components are linked to the washing machine and finally to the conveyor tempering furnace with post-cooling section.

Austenitizing furnace with hardening press

Oven temperaturesmax. 900 °C
Heating capacity100 kg/h
Batch weight8 kg
Batch dimension240 x 240 x 50 mm (L x W x H)
HeatingIndirect electric heating
Furnace atmosphereNitrogen / Methanol

The furnace system consists of:

  • Loading
  • Roller hearth furnace
  • Hardening press
  • Unloading

The furnace has a hot gas circulator, a methanol splitter and a gassing panel for propane and air, nitrogen and methanol. The furnace has a heated furnace length of 3000 mm with one door each at the inlet and outlet.