Mobility for future

Thermal processes for e-mobilty

E-mobility and hybridization of the drive train require solutions and applications suitable for mass production.

As an experienced supplier, SRS develops and produces thermoprocessing systems for the industrial series production of stators. The successful use of SRS thermoprocessing systems in the production of stators enables high insulation strengths to be achieved while meeting high requirements for crack and thermal shock resistance. Optimal thermal processes also improve the thermal conductivity and minimize the oscillation of the winding.

When using thermosetting insulating resins, SRS manufactures high-convection ovens for electric motors and e-machines for

  • preheating
  • gelling
  • final curing


The high quality demands of our customers are taken into account through a controlled application of product-specific process parameters with precise temperature control, as well as high temporal and spatial uniformity, during the entire treatment time. Last but not least, the consumption of insulating resin is directly influenced and optimized with targeted temperature control. Redundant and software-supported monitoring systems monitor and control temperature, circulation and treatment time in particular. Fully integrated process and product monitoring systems support the archiving of component and process-related parameters and data. Depending on the application sector and customer requirements, the respective thermal processing system is tailored to the application of the current CQI-9 or AMS 2750. For a comfortable implementation of the regularly required TUS, SRS offers appropriately pre-instrumented stators with a process-capable data tracker.

A clearly structured operator control and monitoring system enables the user to operate the SRS thermoprocessing system in the shortest possible time and to make any desired changes to the process parameters.

A precise use of energy in the overall system with targeted utilization of energy potentials from upstream heating processes is an elementary component of the energy concept.

The low-maintenance and reliable process technology guarantees high system availability at all times.

Process-related solvent concentrations in the furnace atmosphere are kept within the desired limits, safely processed and discharged.

In addition to the thermal process, SRS offers fully automated solutions for the handling and charging of stators. SRS draws on years of experience in the design of process-compatible batch carriers. The use of SRS charge and charge carriers supports process reliability to a high degree.

As a well-equipped partner, SRS will take on the challenges posed by the production of hybrid and electric drives.