Energy savings & consulting

In times of discussions about CO₂ emissions and energy efficiency as well as rising energy costs, the optimization of heat treatment plants is inevitable.

We offer you everything from a single source, from consulting to the creation of energy concepts and installation of heat recovery systems to the control and commissioning of these systems.

The following measures exist at heat treatment plants:

  • Monitoring
  • Analysis of the production process
  • Optimization of process parameters
  • Analysis and adaptation of the plant control system
  • Standby & wake-up concepts
  • Development of energy efficient plant operation
  • Reduction of heat loss through structural adaptation
  • Utilization of residual heat from burner exhaust gases
  • Utilization of heat energy from protective gas furnaces
  • Utilization of waste heat from coolers on oil and salt baths

This heat energy can be used to heat preheating furnaces, low-temperature furnaces, washing machines, halls and hot water.

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